Metal Clay Now and its sister sites on Twitter and Pinterest is a non-commercial, brand-neutral meeting place for all aspects of metal clay. This year we've added, an education hub for all aspects of metal clay learning. By gathering artists, technicians and innovators from around the world, this enterprise will become a rich gathering place that will foster creativity and raise professional standards. Metal Clay Now is not tied to any distributor and welcomes discussion of all forms of metal clay. 

This Facebook Group is committed to the open and animated exchange of information, inspiration, advice and questions about all forms of metal clay. This international online community includes people just starting out and professional artists who have been working with metal clay for years. Making this a Closed Group provides increased control and helps eliminate commercial intrusions. Once your request to join has been approved, you won’t need to ask again. All are welcome.The following are not welcome:

  • selling commercial products
  • promoting private sales such as Etsy or personal websites
  • NO PRICING on our Facebook Group — MetalClayNow
  • negative comments about others or their work
  • topics not directly related to metal clay

If you wish to promote any upcoming and relative metal clay workshops, reoccurring or online classes, conferences or exhibitions, you can do this on in the Events section. Please keep the short description brief with only the basic information. There is a detail section below the short description to post the entire event with all the pertinent information necessary for the community to know. There's also an area to link to another Website for more information.

If you would like to submit an article or upload a document to our Library or an image to our Gallery page, please us the form to submit a request for permission to submit your work. Posting a helpful tip about the topic you're promoting is always welcomed. To conform with our guidelines, NO PRICES are allowed on any Facebook post. If you wish to remind members about something you’re promoting on our Website, please wait two weeks before reposting on Facebook.”

If you have a question about something you’d like to post something on Facebook group, Pinterest or, please contact us using the form on with your question or request for help. This might save you from being removed as a member on Facebook.

Please Like and Share the images and comments you find helpful and mention this group to your friends. We hope you will also link to our sister sites (Twitter & Pinterest). Let’s make this the go-to meeting place for metal clay in social media. 

Thanks for joining the MetalClayNow community.

Administrators: Terry Kovalcik, Corrin Jacobsen Kovalcik, Tim McCreight